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I would say that I was rather lucky then calling me sexy guy at 48 now. It all happened some one year back. I have my own business of construction and am quite good at talking and sober. I am very much active in sexual activity. My wife always has what the way she wants me to have laaw sex. She sometime tells our entire sex life story to her sister in law i.

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She always used to be very nice talking to me. The were so round and perky with big nipples. She spread her legs completely.

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We had stopped on the way up at a local store to pick up some wine and beer. She was so wet.

I could still hear the bed shaking and I could make out Jessica moaning. I relished in the warmth surrounding my cock, punctuated as it was by an occasional muscle twitch from her and what a heavenly feeling.


Bill was sitting at one end with Jessica at his side and my wife was sitting at the other end. I turned off the TV. I sisster on top of her beautiful body, my cock was touching her pussy, I hesitated realizing I did not have a condom. I was instantly getting hard at the thought of Jessica getting fucked. I thought for a moment.

Sidter knew by now that it is my day today and I am going to have this marvelous lady.

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My buzz had worn off. My balls ached and my cock was throbbing. We had rented a house in Napa Valley for the long weekend. After a few moments of external stimulation, I brought a finger into action. She headed off to our room.


So, when I felt my internal plumbing go on high alert, I pulled Leena up to me indicating it was time to couple. She also set on couch and then just casual and decent chat started with, how the things are happening between me and my wife and also between Leena and Rakesh, kids and business and so on.

I was about to get up and leave when Bill pulled out his dick, ripped off the condom and sat up. We all we to our rooms to change. I will never forget it! I kept stroking her G-spot and increasingly focused on her clit, not fully ignoring her kaw labial lips either.

I was instantly getting hard at the thought of Jessica getting fucked. It easily held four probably could hold 6 or 7. My wife and I made it out back to the Jacuzzi first. Bill had some smile on his face. I wanted to jerk off so badly, I was so turned on thinking of Jessica.

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Slowly time passed and it seemed that we were talking like old good friends, earlier we never had that much of time to talk so freely with each other and even never we got a chance. I strained my eye to catch a glimpse of her tits. A long replaced her groans.

On visit to inlaws house we were given a room with large enough bed to accommodate us with our one year old son. I regained my composure in a stroy and stuck out my tongue. I finally stopped her and captured a breast in my mouth, suckling onto her nipple with at first zister and then rougher sucking and biting action. As I sat there, I was running through visions of Jessica sucking Bills cock four times today.

Please cum in me! It was too dark to see anything but her breast felt perfect and her nipple was hard.

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We both knew what we were going ahead for the big thing and she had some long term intentions on her mind. She had no idea that she had just blown her brother in law. I quietly got up and went back to my room and got into bed with my sleeping wife. I began licking her pussy as she moaned in delight. We all we to our rooms to change. I quickly went in and stood adjacent to her. Bill had some smile on his face. Leena was jerking around on the bed and moaning encouragements to me.

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As kisses grew more passionate I placed my hand on side of her t-shirt to remove it from her. She had no idea it was not Bill. It was quite unusual for me to be with this lady in the kitchen and it came to my mind I was never i friendly with her then what is going on.