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The female action hero is finally box office gold, with Zhang Ziyi in " Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ", and the assorted kung fu babes of " Charlie's Angels ". Back in there was plenty of media debate as to whether Geena Davis could carry an action blockbuster, and if this was to be the start of a new trend. As it turns out, "The Long Kiss Goodnight" was ahead of its time, and remains one of the best action films of the 90s. The talent involved in this film spelled potential box office dynamite.

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Looking for the last kiss good night

Your kid's OK. Whatever you find Pussy's pussy.

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They looked like cops. I don't like cellular phones, so here's how we do this. Give me something else. God damn it.

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Back off, man. A couple of years? I want to come in. Chemistry, my ass. She's in my car.

Looking for the last kiss good night

Hey, you got a nice body and all, but those, you could see them coming around the corner. Yes, I'm a Mormon. I offer up a simple trade: you for the girl.

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All right. What the hell is this? You can gpod under those trees. Don't hurt him! I kind of liked that schoolteacher. I'll sneak out to this phone and call you at midnight with the details, all right? I used to do this!

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You dump a mess like this in my lap, and then come whining to me and say, "Where is our funding? None taken.

He's there. You're about to have Oh, please She could compromise this entire operation. We got to get to the car!

Looking for the last kiss good night

Mr Waldman? Where'd that come from? Hey, sister, oh, sister, soul sister, go, sister Hey, sister, go, sister, soul sister, go, sister We met marmalade down in old New Orleans She's the Energizer fucking bunny.

She doesn't know me from Adam. Come on, OK?

The long kiss goodnight

Then one day, the tenant never comes home. Hey, now!

Looking for the last kiss good night

Please hold. Everyone thinks you're The Caine woman was her favourite tenant. Hey, come on.

Looking for the last kiss good night

My full name, please! Those are the rules, understand? Get out of there! What do we do now?

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What's this? Give me back my money. You could be in danger.

Looking for the last kiss good night

I took lessons. No one told me about her The way she lied Well, no one told me about her How many people cried But it's too late to say you're sorry How would I know?

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Do you normally curse this much? Oh, God! Run, Charly!

Looking for the last kiss good night

I'll make you a deal. I wasn't hiding things. Watch your back.

Looking for the last kiss good night

Now, you go into a bar, minutes later, sailors come running out. Well, I mean, you seem kind of low-rent. Your dog, Alice.